09.25.2003 LIFE STYLE (Beijing) Cui Jian --I only pursue the essential thing (Chinese)
09.02.2002 TIME (New York) The New Long Mosh (English)
08.30.2002 (Beijing) Interview: Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die (Chinese)
08.20.2002 Globe and Mail (Toronto) China's Woodstock Ends On Upbeat Note (English)
08.20.2002 Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney) China's 'Woodstock' Overcomes Rain and Altitude (English)
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09.02.2002 Washington Post (Washington) Reeducation Camp (English)
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08.18.2002 BBC (London) In Pictures: China's Woodstock (English)
08.17.2002 Agence France-Presse (Paris) Hills Will Rock at 'Woodstock In Yunnan' (English)
08.17.2002 Reuters (London) Airliner Overshoots Runway' (English)
08.13.2002 South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) Shangri-la Rocks To New Beat (English)
08.10.2002 Beijing Music Radio FM 97.4 (Beijing) Interview: Snow Mountain Music Festival audio
05.01.2002 International Music (Beijing) Cui Jian's Future Is Not A Dream (Chinese)
05.01.2002 Musical Instruments (Beijing) Unlimited Technology Unlimited Music (Chinese)
05.23.2002 City Weekend (Beijing) In The Name of The Father (English)
05.17.2002 ????? (Beijing) Cui Jian Will Sing To The End (Chinese)
05.01.2002 Musical Instruments (Beijing) Unlimited Technology Unlimited Music (Chinese)
03.30.2002 Chongqing Economics News (Chongqing) Cui Jian ????? You (Chinese)
03.30.2002 Chongqing Economics News (Chongqing) Actually Cui Jian (Chinese)
03.29.2002 Chongqing Evening News (Chongqing) ????? (Chinese)
03.20.2002 ????? Weekly (Guangzhou) Cui Jian : One With The Times ????? (Chinese)
03.16.2002 New York Times (New York) Chinese Rocker With Ideals Intact Despite Prosperity (English) new!
02.22.2002 Beijing Today (Beijing) Cui Jian Predicts Doom For Live Vocals (English)
02.08.2002 ????? (Beijing) Tianjin Madly Welcomes "Old Cui" On Valentine's Day ????? (Chinese)
02.04.2002 China Capital Times ????? (Beijing) Cui Jian's Old, But Not His Heart (Chinese)
01.12.2002 Chengdu Commercial News (Chengdu) ????? (Chinese)
01.11.2002 New Evening News (Harbin) Cui Jian's Concert ????? (Chinese)
01.20.2002 New Evening News (Harbin) Cui Jian ????? Rock (Chinese)
01.09.2002 New Evening News (Harbin) The Father of Chinese Rock Is Not Powerless (Chinese)
01.07.2002 New Evening News (Harbin) Cui Jian: "Glad You Still Remember Me" (Chinese)
01.07.2002 New Evening News (Harbin) ???? Ice Festival (Chinese)
01.07.2002 Cui Jian Is Not An "Elite Trademark" (Chinese)
10.11.2001 Beijing Evening News (Beijing) Free Style ????? (Chinese)
07.17.2001 Financial Times Deutschland (Berlin) I'm Red, But I'd Like To Be More Yellow (German)
07.17.2001 Die Tageszeitung (Berlin) The Red Muleta (German
07.16.2001 Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin) Chinese Firecracker (German)
07.14.2001 Zitty (Berlin) Cui Jian Live at Tempodrom (German)
07.13.2001 Suddeutsche Zeitung (Berlin) Rock 'n' Roll On The New Long March (German)
07.12.2001 Die Zeit (Berlin) Listen To Your Own Voice! (German)
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06.10.2001 TIME International (Hong Kong) Pirate Us Plenty, Please! (English)
06.08.2001 City Pictorial (Guangzhou) Family, Hardship, Pain, "Roots and Branches" (Chinese)
06.05.2001 New Express (Guangzhou) Cui Jian On Film Again, It's Being Called a Tear Gas Bomb (Chinese)
05.30.2001 Southern Daily (Guangzhou) Cui Jian, Master of Rock Music, Makes Another Film "Branches and Trees" (Chinese)
05.28.2001 Chengdu Commercial News (Chengdu) "Roots and Branches" - Yesterday Tear Gas Bomb Dropped In Chengdu And Cui Jian's Makes Even The Most Jaded Movie Critics Cry (Chinese)
05.28.2001 Huaxi Metro News (Chengdu) "Roots and Branches" - Tears Flying in Chengdu (Chinese)
05.26.2001 Chengdu Commericla News (Chengdu) "Roots and Branches" - At Movie's Premiere The Sound Of Crying Everywhere, Cui Jian's Performance Moving (Chinese)
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05.24.2001 Shenzhen Commercial News (Shenzhen) "Roots and Branches" Is A Tear Gas Bomb (Chinese)
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05.16.2001 Beijing Morning News (Beijing) "Roots and Braches" - Cui Jian's Performance Moving (Chinese)
04.04.2001 Beijing Evening News (Beijing) Cui Jian Fights Lip-Syncing At CD Cafe (Chinese)
04.03.2001 Beijing Youth Daily (Beijing) Cui Jian To Appear At CD Cafe (Chinese)
04.03.2001 Beijing Morning Post (Beijing) Cui Jian Fights Lip-Syncing With Real Singing (Chinese)
04.03.2001 Musical Life (Beijing) Cui Jian To Play Solo Show At CD Cafe (Chinese)
04.01.2001 Rock & Folk (Paris) Useful To The Students (French)
03.27.2001 Television Weekly (Beijing) "Roots and Branches" Soon To Be Released - Cui Jian's Second Movie (Chinese)
03.23.2001 China Actors News (Beijing) In "Roots and Branches" Cui Jian To Play Father of Liang Yongqi (Chinese)
03.18.2001 Changsha Evening News (Changsha) Sinking Your Teeth Into "Roots and Branches" (Chinese)
03.13.2001 Beijing Television (Beijing) Music Is Deep And "Father/Daughter" Roles Fated (Chinese)
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02.03.2001 Melkweg Concert Schedule (Amsterdam) China's Rockstar No. 1 (Dutch)
02.02.2001 METRO (Amsterdam) The Pioneer of Chinese Rock Music (Dutch)
02.01.2001 BC Magazine (Hong Kong) Show Your Colors (English)
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01.27.2001 Le Monde (Paris) Rock 'N' Roll Incarnation Of The New Chinese Fraternity (French)
01.26.2001 Zurich Kultur (Zurich) Red Rock (German)
01.26.2001 Kultur (Zurich) China Rock (German)
01.26.2001 Zuritipp (Zurich) Peking's Underground (German)
01.24.2001 Liberation (Paris) The Most Popular Singer In China (French)
01.23.2001 Asiaweek (Hong Kong) Rock Icon's New Colors (English)
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01.22.2001 Three Unity Life Magazine #3 (Beijing) Show Your Colors: Q&A (Chinese)
01.18.2001 Eastweek #430 (Hong Kong) Cui Jian: "Still Okay, Still Cooking" (Chinese)
01.17.2001 City Entertainment #467 (Hong Kong) Cui Jian: " A Memory I'll Never Forget" (Chinese)
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01.01.2001 Prince Claus Fund: ARCHIS (Amsterdam) Cui Jian and Chinese Rock Culture (Dutch / English)
12.13.2000 de Volkskrant (Amsterdam) / Cui Jian Receives The Prince Claus Award (Dutch)
06.01.2000 GQ (New York) / Red Scare (English)
December 24 , 2000 / Wenzhou Times (Wenzhou) / Cui Jian: "We're Packaged And Sold" (Chinese)
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December 24 , 2000 / Wenzhou Commercial News (Wenzhou) / This Child Of Rock Music Will Never Be Old (Chinese)
December 13 , 2000 / de Volkskrant (Amsterdam) / Cui Jian Receives The Prince Claus Award (Dutch)
December 13 , 2000 / Beijing Youth Daily (Beijing) / Cui Jian Receives The Prince Claus Award (Chinese)
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October 7 , 2000 / New Culture News (Changchun) / "I Try My Best To Live Without Constraints" (Chinese)
September 28, 2000 / Guiyang Capital News (Guiyang) / Tonight Cui Jian Wild in Guiyang (Chinese)
September 21, 2000 / Musical Life (Beijing) / 13 Years of Rock'N'Roll Struggle (Chinese)

August 15, 2000 / Hunan Tri-County Capital News (Changsha) / Exclusive Interview (Chinese)
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July 24, 2000 / Southern Metro News (Guangzhou) / Totally Cui Jian Rocking China (Chinese)
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June 1, 2000 / GQ (New York) / Red Scare (English)
May 28, 2000 / Nanjing Express News (Nanjing) / Interview: Cui Jian and Chinese Rock (Chinese)
April 1, 2000 / Celebrity (Beijing) / Interview: "The More Famous You Become, The More Of A Bastard You Become" (Chinese)