No new words, no new methods,
No new power to express these new feelings.
It's not a matter of pain or being stubborn,
But merely an instinctual response after a long time of repression.
The situation is too complex, the reality is too harsh.
Who knows what would happen when you can't stand it any more.
Please hold my hand, my lonely girl.
See if my problems are the as same as yours.

We're not talking politics, but still in a fluster.
Maybe its because there is no explanation for the unreleased mental stress of the past.
I'm not relaxed, although I'm smiling.
Sadness fills my heart when I'm home alone.
My heart is aching, like being wronged in childhood.
Excepting it's not that simple or easy.
Please hold my hands, my gentle girl.
Tell me, is it true that,
The weaker I seem, the more like your lover I become.


Please look straight into my eyes; please don't change direction.
Don't get nervous because of my excitement.
Give me your hand and put it on my heart.
Feel whether my heartbeat still has strength.
Your soft lovely hands are as cold as your eyes.
I can sense the strength inside you,
And you don't let it out.
Please hold my hands, my strong-hearted girl.
Maybe you are more sensitive and have more to say than me.

Would you believe in me? Can you depend on me?
Could you control me if I was crazy?
Do you have nothing to do? Do you need a shock?
But in our lifetime there are still too many things,
We are unable to achieve.
Our actions are too slow, our way of thinking is out of date.
All we can do is satisfy the flesh.
Please hold my hands, my beautiful girl.
Let me comfort you while we spend this;
Night of the era.

music and lyrics: Cui Jian
translation: Ben Moger Williams

Cui Jian: vocals, guitar, programming
Eddie Randriamampionona: guitar
Liu Yuan: xiao (Chinese pipe organ)
Zhang Ling: bass
Qiu Ye: backing vocals
Ba Te: backing vocals