this is a page about the designer. as an independent artist/designer, his field includes virtual arts, interactive computer works, digital movies, and music. sorry, there will be not a link to his own sites fm here, but you're welcome to reach him via email:




as you know, an html page produced on a given software is impossible to display consistently on every different kind of browser. although I created the whole site with Dreamweaver for Mac,I still test it all on peecees... I ALMOST got the same result in both Mac and PC, as with IE5.0, but somethings will look a little different in NC4.x. sorry for that. and, i have to say, NC is not as good as it used to be. (*shit.)

Palm Users
although I'm a big fan of Palm too, I decided to not make a Palm friendly site this time. but if I receive a lot requests, I'll do it later this year. pls give me a little more time...

Mac PLUS Users
yes, if you're a 68K user, I hope you are lucky to reach here. maybe you're using a Plus with 1MB RAM, connect to a Zip 100MB SCSI external drive, with System 6.0.8 installed, just like mine. I hope you will share your experience with me and the other lowend Mac fans here:

lowend Mac, Plus
the early Mac OS
ClassicMac - Applications, Games, Systems




today, almost all kind of 'analog' sounds can be made by digital equipment and software, but...I just like to record techno clips to my old TC-377, not only because it's warm and phat sound, but also because its wonderful design drives me far away from the pure digital life as I am living day by day....

Electronic Music Studios
music machines
Big Briar, Inc.



I connected my M1 to my grandfather's radio set, a Shanghai made 50's wonderful box, and the sound is - fantastic! maybe you find fnu in making techno music too, so you will agree that only using software such as Rebirth will be not be enough to make great techno. who can use a mouse to control all of the knobs at the same time? but with some external MIDI controllers we can make something real. I am going to purchase an MC-505 too, and soon you will find my techno clips here, hmmmm....

Zorch - The UK`s First Synthesiser Band
Propellerhead Software



because it came from the original Mac desktop :) I believe that putting most of your works in the TRASH daily is very important. nobody can say that all of my works are perfact!! for this web site, I completely changed 50% of its design, such as:

it can be trouble. it's impossible to get regions and layers to perform consistently in different browsers. even more, I got great viewing and motion in IE4.5, but completely different in IE5.0! before that I had already finished most of the banners with wonderful 1 bit animations, with big font lyrics. but finally I decided to give it up. anyway, the content is the most important point. i also made huge changed in:

is still a problem. it can freeze the browsers anytime. I hate to got a Bomb just to view some very simple text color swap - stupid! so, no Java, at least this site. also problematic was:

well, I like flash and shockwave myself. and with a little bit more time to wait for the download, we will get wonderful animation and sounds in small size files. but the problem is shockwave/flash plugins are still not pre-installed with the main browsers, and many people never download any plugins for viewing some special sites. they're right maybe, because such plugins are updated very often. anyway, I'd still like to make a pure flash site myself, but not for such a serious public site.

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